Large ducted dehumidifier with air renewel

The SPR units are ideal for swimming pools that not only require dehumidification but must also renew the indoor air without dispersing heat outdoors.The units of the SPR series are designed for use in small, medium and large swimming pools, where regulation of the humidity level and/or prevention of condensation phenomena is required, where a constant air exchange is necessary, even with 24-hour operation. The high efficiency recuperator guarantees efficiencies of up to 80% and the structure is particularly suitable for environments where there is the presence of corrosive substances such as chlorine.

The SPR range uses only electronic radial fans with built-in inverters with high energy efficiency.

HiDew has developed sophisticated adjustment software to set, measure and control the air flow rate of the SPR dehumidifiers, eliminating any problems arising from incorrect calculation of the pressure drop in the ducting, thus making the installation of the dehumidifier and the commissioning of the system extremely simple and fast, reducing installation time and costs. These units are designed to be connected to rigid ducting.
The series consists of 20 models, ranging from 100 L/day and 900 m3/h to 4.600 L/day and 35.000 m3/h.

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