Compact dehumidifiers

The dehumidifiers of the DDS, DCS, DVS and DOS series are designed for use in small to medium sized rooms with high latent load where 24 h/day operation is required. For example basement rooms, museums, libraries, archives, places of religious worship, warehouses and in general where the formation of condensation and humidity can cause damage to the structure or product or simply create discomfort.

Although the operating principle and components are the same, in terms of installation each has its own peculiarities:
DDS wall installation
DCS wall installation in a technical room or niche
DVS vertical basement installation
DOS ceiling installation
The understated yet elegant aesthetics facilitate integration into public and private premises that are generally characterised by a sophisticated design.

The dehumidification capacity ranges from 46 up to 226 l/day.

The dehumidifiers of the DDS, DCS, DVS and DOS series are completely autonomous in their humidity management. The on-board control can read the ambient humidity and activate dehumidification as required, making installation of these units particularly easy.

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