Large ducted dehumidifiers with external condenser

The dehumidifiers of the series STare conceived for the use in high latent load environments and where air conditioning is required together with 24 hour/day operation. Their structure is particularly suitable for environments with corrosive substances such as chlorine.

Thanks to the temperature control function, with an external condenser, the ST units grant a full control, not only of the humidity, but also of the ambient temperature.

Therefore, these units are suitable for those applications in which the contemporary control of both the parameters is required, such as swimming pools, food storage, salami and cheese seasoning processes and wherever the non-control of temperature and humidity can damage the goods.

The ST units are designed to be connected to rigid ducting or to be left free standing.

The series consists of 20 models, ranging from 100 L/day and 900 m3/h to 4.600 L/day and 35.000 m3/h.

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