Shower In-Line Duct Fan

Designed for the safe ventilation of bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms, the SF/ID 100 (100mm 4″) range of in-line extractor fans remove any risk of an electric shock in wet areas as the fan is mounted remotely.

The SF/ID120 (120mm 5″) series of in-line fans have been engineered for the ventilation of larger shower or bathroom areas, and are 56% more powerful than their 100mm counterparts.

Powerful, yet extremely quiet in operation, the extract rate of the SF/ID100 is 85m³/hr 23 litres per second, whilst the SF/ID120 performs with an impressive 130m³/hr 36 litres per second. Also new to the range is the ID150 Tube Fan, with a top performance of 230m³/hr, 64 litres per second.

Available with or without a timer, the SF100/120/150 fan kits are supplied complete with a fan unit, one length of PVC flexible ducting, one internal (white) and one external wall grille, fixing screws, plugs and straps to secure the duct to the grilles.

The ID100/120/150 series comprises a fan unit only and is suitable for boosting another fan where a long run of ducting is used.

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